Week 5

Chapters 3 and 4 are so far my FAVVV- ORITE chapters! I love discussing business on a global stage and how diversity and inclusion/ exclusion are a massive part of that equation! 

Last week I attended a conference in Los Angeles and during my stay in California I got to experience the agriculture and oil drilling industries. It is funny, to me, that we in American politics we spend so much time debating immigration however, if you saw the size of these farms and the hundreds upon hundreds of oil rigs – you would be wanted to included everyone and anyone in this industry. We have to rely on other individuals, foreign or domestic, to help us maintain and run the economic prosperity in one state- imagine all the other states!! Business means inclusions- not exclusion- everyone from all over the world can bring something to the table – and if you’re lucky- they will bring their checkbook. 

In business, it isn’t about where you are from, what language you speak, or what languages you DON’T speak- it’s about making money- constantly. So when it comes to looking around and determining who is right for your business or not- you should be asking yourself- who can make you the most money? 

Chapter 4 talked about my favorite topic- Innovation! If you don’t innovate you become obsolete. Innovation is the key to all businesses- you have to be innovating- both inside your company and outside your company! Innovation is what makes customers keep coming back and why I keep buying Apple products- and always will. 

We also had to read about accepting criticism. I have to say this use to be hard for me- however- now it is second nature. I look at it this way- everyone has an opinion, of you, your business, your life, your personality, YOUR everything. Sometimes they may be right- maybe you were to snarky, or maybe you didn’t read the debrief all the way. But in the end those are other people’s opinions of you and you have to be able to accept what others say, rationalize it and move forward. At least I do! 

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