Week 4

Honestly, I am very fond of reading about different styles of management – I have learned lots about how managers should operate with their team however, textbooks are the death of me.

In chapter one, I found it interesting that there are so many different managing styles and how they affect the individuals they are managing. In my experience, the managers experience and method dictates how a their individuals operate and the individuals attitude, efficiency and work ethic. I have found that managers have to have interpersonal skills and technical skills to be effective and efficient. In chapter one, they discuss the importance of technical and interpersonal skills and it is fascinating to be how they really do play an impact into how teams and managers operate.

My results from the skill builder exercise where not shocking to me. I was found to have a participative management style which has always been the management style I have actively prescribed to and have found it extremely effective. 

Chapter two was very profound to me in a way I didn’t really think it would be. I found it shocking that a management book has to discuss ethics of managers. It always surprises me that their are non-ethical people in the world and it effects the ability of their team and outputs. I have always believed that managers HAVE to be ethical – there is no other way. But, apparently, there are people who are not ethical and that affects those who are working. I think ethics is crucial to businesses and daily life. You have to be ethical and abide by a code of conduct in order to have an effective and producing team. It is just amazing to me that this isn’t common sense- but I guess it isn’t. 

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