Week 3 Reflection: Part 2

Carnegie’s HOW TO INFLUENCE FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE was assigned because it is the core of management and by extension managing teams and projects. Carnegie explains, reflects and analyzes how following his principles will allow you to have smoother conversations and better working teams and environments. I think every management course should require Carnegie as reading, it is the basis of good communication. And good communication leads to good team dynamics and working environments.

Carnegie will influence me going forward by trying to incorporate all of his principles into my daily and professional life. Each of these principles allows individuals to be better communicators and I hope to expand upon them and start incorporating more of them. There are definitely principles that Carnegie addresses that I really want to expand upon and start incorporating into my businesses and personal life.

One principle that I really want to work on is from Part 4: Let the other person save face. I am very competitive and at types very cut-throat person. I am also not afraid to take what I want and make the best of it. This makes me a bit savage at times. I honestly believe that I know how NOT to waste opportunities. However, by being a cut-throat individual person this can mean people can get thrown under and not be able to save themselves. I want to work on allowing people to save face in situations that they are in. I still think it is important to be competitive and savage however, I want to make sure people get a chance to save themselves, so maybe, they can not waste the opportunity they have been given.

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