Week 1 Reflection

I was introduced to Simon Sinek’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action TedTalk many years ago and since being introduced I have found his speech quite transformative. Simon Sinek explores the question of “Why?” through out his speech and I belive that his speech acurately expresses how leaders inspire action across all discplines and during all time periods. His explanation of the Golden Circle, brings to life the idea of why an indivdual would be more prone to follow a call of action from a business (or indivdual(s) that explains why they do what they do (ex. Apple) instead of following a call to action to explains what they do. I think when you analzye how to inspire action amongst a group of people, proving why they should care is a better tactic to take instead of what you do. Explain why, allows individuals to understand the importance of what they do thus, inspiring action.

In Jeff Boss’ “How Great Learners Stay Smart: 16 Ways to Stay on the Cutting Edge” acticle he explores 16 ways to learner smart and more effeciently. I think the most important lesson to take out of Boss’ article is that he refers to learners as ‘smart learners’ and does not attach an explanation of who the ‘smart learner’ is. I think this is very important and cricial to his article. A smart learner is anyone who takes the time to learn through smart tactics. In Boss’ case, he belives that the 16 ways he express are tacktics to use to stay smart and learn smarter. He doesn’t imply that a ‘smart learner’ is a A+ student, or a Valecditorian, he expresses a smart learner as someone who takes time to effectiently and effectively learn smarter. I think this creates for a stronger article because indivduals can be very intelligent and know how to learn however may not be A+ students, instead they may be C/D students. By not attaching a personna to a smart learner I think allows readers to compare and contrast how they learn vs. his 16 ways to stay on the cutting edge.

I have been implementing Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle ideas into my daily life and it has proved to be quite relevant and very transformative. I can’t wait to implement Boss’ 16 learning tactics into my daily life and see what happens!

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