UMW Mission and Personal SWOT

In chapter 5 we (as a group as well) discussed the segments that are apart of the chapter. For this chapter, we need to look at UMW’s mission statement and a personal SWOT analysis. During these tasks, it was very expressive to complete the SWOT analysis. Though, reading the UMW mission statement and analyzing the meaning at a further state I began to see the lack the UMW places on its real true meaning.

UMW’s mission statement is:

“The University of Mary Washington is one of Virginia‚Äôs outstanding public liberal arts universities, providing a superior education that inspires and enables our students to make positive changes in the world.”

It is interesting to read that UMW’s goal is to provide a superior education – even though it is a small public school. UMW wants to inspire and enable students to make positive changes in the world. However, personally, for me I think that UMW lacks in there ability to provide a superior education especially since there are strong public schools across VA that provide a better education. I also think that positive changes in the world from UMW students is a lacking phrase to use.

After evaluating my swot analysis I realized that I have capabilities and characteristics are definitely pulling into my current roles both academically and professionally. S stands for strengths. After analyzing I found that communication, persistence and dillegenc are my core three strengths. O stands for opportunities. Some of my personal opportunities are to be better at time management, follow through and understanding my limitations. W stands for weaknesses. I found that my weaknesses are in alliance With my lack of understanding my limitations therefore sometimes I take on more projects and more responsibilities than I have time for. T stands for threats. A massive threat of mine is wanting to be able to accomplish everything for everybody and not turn down opportunities that happened in my life however that turns into massive discourse for me personally thus is causing a massive issue.

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