Module 2

This is such a fascinating subject. Know Thy Selfie. This module focuses on how selfies define our culture an our society. I believe it is so shocking how selfies and photos of ourselves define cultures and societies.

I have decided to look at five photos of myself and analyze how they make me appear via

1.) Race-ethnicity
2.) Socio-economic status
3.) Sexuality
4.) Gender

1.) Race-ethnicity- It am northern European and caucasian. Short blonde hair. I think I look more ‘American’ with this photo.
2.) Socio-economic status – I feel like I look rich, however, that is not true. Since this photo was taken before my meeting with Google, I was dressed extremely nicely. Though, this photo seems very pompous.
3.) Sexuality – This photo does not directly display my sexuality. I don’t really know if photos can portray your sexuality with out some sort of display or message behind it.
4.) Gender – The selfie pointes out, quite clearly, that I am female.

1.) Race-ethnicity – It is very obvious that I am caucasian and so is my sister.
2.) Socio-economic status – We look mid-class.
3.) Sexuality – The photo does not display our sexuality.
4.) Gender – It is obvious that we are both female.

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