Managing Change, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (Chapter 6):

I am the poster child for entrepreneurship and innovation so I believe that anything I can do to encourage and empower someone else is important to me and my business. I want to make sure that I am always pushing individuals around me and the technology around me to make me better. Though, you have to learn how to balance that inside the organization structure which, is difficult to do. But, I think it leads to better work relationships between people. I would much rather have a very entrepreneurial person work for me and go off and do there own thing then have someone stifle their own growth because they didn’t feel encouraged.

Growing during change is the best time to grow. I think that there is endless opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations and we need to know how to react to those individuals through positivity and not negativity.

Encouraging people and empowering them to do more, empowers others and empowers ourselves. I want those around me to be empowered so I think empowering them is super important.

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