End of Week Reflections


This weeks reflection on Module 1 is for Interactive Fiction. I honestly found this module kinda boring however, I decided to go with it because it was interesting the longer I worked on it. I do find it extremely fascinating how you can tell stories digitally and how viral or vivid they can be. I find it especially interesting since most stories are told through interactive fiction. That is how we learn about everything and how we learn new things.

I think one of my favorite versions of Interactive Fiction (which wasn’t covered in the module) but I still think applies is how people can tell stories on social media platforms. An example is how BTS (Korean Boy Band) fan creates interactive and fictional stories about the characters via Twitter. She uses different pictures, videos, GIFs, text messages and other forms of communication to create a story between the characters. I find this version of Interactive Fiction interesting. She has gained a huge following through her stories and sub stories and they are actually very believable.

The history of Interactive Fiction and how I can see it relating to my life is quite interesting. Though, when I went to write code on Twine I found that it very hard. I am not a “coder” and I might have picked the wrong module to start off with but I did find it interesting to learn about Interactive Fiction just not using Twine.


What I learned on cell phones this week is horrifying. It is terrible to know that so many electronic (cell) parts are being handled so poorly an are causing problems for the environment. I find it so interesting that we are confined to our phones and electronics however we do not understand what it does to the rest of the world. The fact that I have to play a game online to understand that we are enslaving people into mining is gut-wrenching. I am disgusted with myself on this topic. I would love to find a place to recycle my cell phone parts but when I asked around – nobody seemed legitimate.


I found this section very interesting, however, not surprising that selfies play such a large part of our culture and society. I also didn’t realize how much you could infer about a selfie just by looking at it. It makes me want to be more cautious of the photos I put up online. However, I do wonder why we care about selfies so much …

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