Chapter 10 and 11

Organizing behavior and motivating high performance goes hand in hand. You have to know how to organize the behaviors of those around you AND motivate for high performance at the same time. Trying to find a balance between the two is the most important thing a business can do for its employees and for the well being of itself. I think that finding the behaviors that motivate others around them and help move the company forward is vital to the success of everyone around them.

Motivating for high performance I think is very straight forward however, very expensive. Motivating is about the employee. Helping the employee in any way you possibly can. Understanding that they are your money makers is the first step. Second, is spending money on them to make them better. I think that business owners jump to the conclusion that they do not need to pay or invest in their employees which leads to disastrous situations. Paying and training them is vital to motivating them for high performance.

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