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After reading blank, I really empathize with this book. I found that the topics discussed throughout the entire book, are. Are definitely tactics that I take in my life. For example dealing with my gut instincts on situations has proved to be extremely effective when having to make a complex and hard decisions I could very much impact my life. Throughout my life though I have been able to rely on my got instinct is to be able to make the best decisions for me personally, professionally and academically. Being able to rely on my got instinct have been able to really allow me to branch out and make better decisions as a whole. Blank also talks about stress impacting your gut feelings and I think that this definitely plays a role in how you you make decisions.I have found that when I am stressed and I am trying to make difficult and complex decisions that my gut and six is an always tell me the right thing to do and thus creates/allows me to make the wrong decision for myself.

It is been a vital part of my professional and academic and personal life experiences to revolve my decisions around my gut feeling especially when it comes to dealing with people. I have found that when I rely on how I feel about a person, it allows me to be more coherent and aware of the situation around me of the person around me.

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