“What does the 80s mean to you”

The 80s is my childhood my mother made us listen to every single 70s and 80s, one-hit- wonders, soundtracks and singles from 8 hour car rides or something to listen to while we clean. We listened to it all. And in her mind “we are better for it!”

The 80s for me is a staple. It was a decade of thrill, education, life, music, dancing – it was everything! The 80s is the decade that most of our parents grow up in and they reflected it on us. It is so interesting to see how it all transpired into us. From those who know nothing about the 80s (which I have met) and those who were raised and know all the 80s songs and clothing.

I find it very interesting how the 80s can be closely correlated to how our generation acts and operates. Especially since we have the “look” and the music. It will be interesting to see how they compare our decades in the future. I think that they will find very similar attributes between the two decades. It will also be interesting how when our generation has kids that how they will compare the 80s to ours to theres.

I am very interested in seeing how the course plays out under the 80s theme. It will be really cool to see how they correlate together.