ds106 Introductions

Week 1

This week has been a hectic and chaotic and I am just happy I made it to Friday! Declaring a major, getting into courses, millions of email an a 40 hour work week. I am just happy that I have a nice mini break in front of me.

I have been dying to take Digital Storytelling since my freshman year in 2016. I am taking this course for my Communication and Digital Studies major. I am very interested in seeing where this class goes and how much I can learn from it! I am super interested to see how this course work with the Digital Studies portion of my degree and the other classes I am taking this semester. Luckily I had a lot of the tasks that Professor Bond wanted done because of other classes.

Instagram is my favorite platform! I am building a personal brand, especially since I will be launching my podcast, Red Lipstick Warrior, in October. I am a little nervous about using my Instagram for school – so I am going to be creative in how I go about using the platform for this class.

Twitter is a love/ hate platform for me. I always think I am going to use it but I never do. Maybe with this class I will! I don’t follow a lot of people or have followers on Twitter. That is probably why I don’t use it as much.

YouTube has been hit or miss for me. I used to be super afraid of having my face be on screen so I shied from doing videos. I have gotten over that fear and I am now able to talk in front of a camera.

Soundcloud for me was new and different. Though, it was super easy to navigate and upload a file into my account.

Finally, I think it is so cool (and my mother loves it) that our course theme is the 80s! I think that a great 80s movie recommendation is an all time favorite of mine – Dirty Dancing. When Baby and Johnny meet and dance together at a lake resort for the summer. It isn’t necessarily a powerful movie, however it is a staple to the 80s. This movie is so great!