Week 2 Summary

Well… I clearly should’ve read the syllabus more clearly going into this course. I started my homework for this class on Thursday. Yes, I know, I procrastinated. I promise I have a good reason. Anyways, didn’t start my homework till Thursday and didn’t publish it until, well, almost midnight on Friday. Thus, I didn’t do the daily creates. I know….

At least I learned two things: a.) read the gosh darn syllabus and b.) look at the weekly assignments on Sunday instead of Thursday. Which of course both of these lessons are in the syllabus – I didn’t read. Anyways, moving on.

The assignment banks were not exactly what I thought they were going to be but, it turned out that I really liked them! Typically, I don’t like homework so it was interesting for me to like something that I don’t necessarily want to do. The three assignments I did were: the gif of moneys fighting, a mash of Take Me or Leave Me from the musical Rent and I made a logo. I found the gif supppppper easy. I have made many of them before. The mash up was different I am proficient at iMovie so, that helped me a lot. I made the logo for the podcast I am launching this fall. The logo for me was relatively simple since I have made many logos before.

This is my mash up of Take Me or Leave Me!

Like many of us, I had already customized my blog because of previous UMW online classes. So I had this one in the bag. Though, I did go through and update my settings for comments. I hate that I needed to approve all of them… that is annoying and nobody has time for that.

Anddddddd… you guessed it I wasn’t able to comment and participate on my other classmates work because well, I didn’t read the syllabus. I am going to look at the third week assignments this Sunday so, I don’t miss anything!

I did though add a gif for how this week has been.


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