Chapter 13 & 14

Communication and Information Technology

Managing Control Systems, Finances, and People

Wow!! Communication and technology. Put those two together and a match made in heaven. Being able to communicate with people around you and those working with or for you makes the difference in a winning team and a loosing team. The technology helps you get there and understand where you are going.

Manning control systems, finances and people is vital and having policies in place to make that happen is even more important. Having strategies and policies in place make management of so many moving pieces so much easier. Investing in those strategies and policies is super important for moving forward.

Chapter 10 and 11

Organizing behavior and motivating high performance goes hand in hand. You have to know how to organize the behaviors of those around you AND motivate for high performance at the same time. Trying to find a balance between the two is the most important thing a business can do for its employees and for the well being of itself. I think that finding the behaviors that motivate others around them and help move the company forward is vital to the success of everyone around them.

Motivating for high performance I think is very straight forward however, very expensive. Motivating is about the employee. Helping the employee in any way you possibly can. Understanding that they are your money makers is the first step. Second, is spending money on them to make them better. I think that business owners jump to the conclusion that they do not need to pay or invest in their employees which leads to disastrous situations. Paying and training them is vital to motivating them for high performance.

Organizing and Delegating Work (Chapter 7):

This chapter was really hard for me. As much I do believe in organizing and delegating work I am super bad at it. I want to do it all because I am afraid it won’t be done right. I have always though the only wait o do something is to do it myself. as the adage goes “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” And that really resonates with me.

After reading this chapter though I see that delegating work doesn’t have to be so difficult. I can slowly start delegating small tasks, one by one, and then start working toward delegating larger tasks.

I will be able to accomplish more if I learn how to delegate and organize myself better. Being able to delegate will allow me to focus on what I need to focus on and will empower those who work for or with me to feel empowered too.

Managing Change, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (Chapter 6):

I am the poster child for entrepreneurship and innovation so I believe that anything I can do to encourage and empower someone else is important to me and my business. I want to make sure that I am always pushing individuals around me and the technology around me to make me better. Though, you have to learn how to balance that inside the organization structure which, is difficult to do. But, I think it leads to better work relationships between people. I would much rather have a very entrepreneurial person work for me and go off and do there own thing then have someone stifle their own growth because they didn’t feel encouraged.

Growing during change is the best time to grow. I think that there is endless opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations and we need to know how to react to those individuals through positivity and not negativity.

Encouraging people and empowering them to do more, empowers others and empowers ourselves. I want those around me to be empowered so I think empowering them is super important.

Strategic and Operational Planning (Chapter 5):

I think it is vital in all aspects of our lives to have strategic and operational planning. Planning our future out or planning scenarios out in the future allow us to better navigate the situations when we get to it.

I have started in my businesses and in my personal life to start strategically planning for future and where I want to go. It has proven to be very successful. I have planned out where I wanted to be personally and it is amazing to see how far I have come because of being able to plan out situations.

For a business it is super important to create multi year long plans, as the chapter explains, to better equip yourself for the future. Planning has always been really hard for me since I want to do so many things and I never know which way the wind is going to blow. But, the little planning I have done has proven to be very successful.

Blink Blog

After reading blank, I really empathize with this book. I found that the topics discussed throughout the entire book, are. Are definitely tactics that I take in my life. For example dealing with my gut instincts on situations has proved to be extremely effective when having to make a complex and hard decisions I could very much impact my life. Throughout my life though I have been able to rely on my got instinct is to be able to make the best decisions for me personally, professionally and academically. Being able to rely on my got instinct have been able to really allow me to branch out and make better decisions as a whole. Blank also talks about stress impacting your gut feelings and I think that this definitely plays a role in how you you make decisions.I have found that when I am stressed and I am trying to make difficult and complex decisions that my gut and six is an always tell me the right thing to do and thus creates/allows me to make the wrong decision for myself.

It is been a vital part of my professional and academic and personal life experiences to revolve my decisions around my gut feeling especially when it comes to dealing with people. I have found that when I rely on how I feel about a person, it allows me to be more coherent and aware of the situation around me of the person around me.

UMW Mission and Personal SWOT

In chapter 5 we (as a group as well) discussed the segments that are apart of the chapter. For this chapter, we need to look at UMW’s mission statement and a personal SWOT analysis. During these tasks, it was very expressive to complete the SWOT analysis. Though, reading the UMW mission statement and analyzing the meaning at a further state I began to see the lack the UMW places on its real true meaning.

UMW’s mission statement is:

“The University of Mary Washington is one of Virginia’s outstanding public liberal arts universities, providing a superior education that inspires and enables our students to make positive changes in the world.”

It is interesting to read that UMW’s goal is to provide a superior education – even though it is a small public school. UMW wants to inspire and enable students to make positive changes in the world. However, personally, for me I think that UMW lacks in there ability to provide a superior education especially since there are strong public schools across VA that provide a better education. I also think that positive changes in the world from UMW students is a lacking phrase to use.

After evaluating my swot analysis I realized that I have capabilities and characteristics are definitely pulling into my current roles both academically and professionally. S stands for strengths. After analyzing I found that communication, persistence and dillegenc are my core three strengths. O stands for opportunities. Some of my personal opportunities are to be better at time management, follow through and understanding my limitations. W stands for weaknesses. I found that my weaknesses are in alliance With my lack of understanding my limitations therefore sometimes I take on more projects and more responsibilities than I have time for. T stands for threats. A massive threat of mine is wanting to be able to accomplish everything for everybody and not turn down opportunities that happened in my life however that turns into massive discourse for me personally thus is causing a massive issue.

Week 5

Chapters 3 and 4 are so far my FAVVV- ORITE chapters! I love discussing business on a global stage and how diversity and inclusion/ exclusion are a massive part of that equation! 

Last week I attended a conference in Los Angeles and during my stay in California I got to experience the agriculture and oil drilling industries. It is funny, to me, that we in American politics we spend so much time debating immigration however, if you saw the size of these farms and the hundreds upon hundreds of oil rigs – you would be wanted to included everyone and anyone in this industry. We have to rely on other individuals, foreign or domestic, to help us maintain and run the economic prosperity in one state- imagine all the other states!! Business means inclusions- not exclusion- everyone from all over the world can bring something to the table – and if you’re lucky- they will bring their checkbook. 

In business, it isn’t about where you are from, what language you speak, or what languages you DON’T speak- it’s about making money- constantly. So when it comes to looking around and determining who is right for your business or not- you should be asking yourself- who can make you the most money? 

Chapter 4 talked about my favorite topic- Innovation! If you don’t innovate you become obsolete. Innovation is the key to all businesses- you have to be innovating- both inside your company and outside your company! Innovation is what makes customers keep coming back and why I keep buying Apple products- and always will. 

We also had to read about accepting criticism. I have to say this use to be hard for me- however- now it is second nature. I look at it this way- everyone has an opinion, of you, your business, your life, your personality, YOUR everything. Sometimes they may be right- maybe you were to snarky, or maybe you didn’t read the debrief all the way. But in the end those are other people’s opinions of you and you have to be able to accept what others say, rationalize it and move forward. At least I do! 

Week 4

Honestly, I am very fond of reading about different styles of management – I have learned lots about how managers should operate with their team however, textbooks are the death of me.

In chapter one, I found it interesting that there are so many different managing styles and how they affect the individuals they are managing. In my experience, the managers experience and method dictates how a their individuals operate and the individuals attitude, efficiency and work ethic. I have found that managers have to have interpersonal skills and technical skills to be effective and efficient. In chapter one, they discuss the importance of technical and interpersonal skills and it is fascinating to be how they really do play an impact into how teams and managers operate.

My results from the skill builder exercise where not shocking to me. I was found to have a participative management style which has always been the management style I have actively prescribed to and have found it extremely effective. 

Chapter two was very profound to me in a way I didn’t really think it would be. I found it shocking that a management book has to discuss ethics of managers. It always surprises me that their are non-ethical people in the world and it effects the ability of their team and outputs. I have always believed that managers HAVE to be ethical – there is no other way. But, apparently, there are people who are not ethical and that affects those who are working. I think ethics is crucial to businesses and daily life. You have to be ethical and abide by a code of conduct in order to have an effective and producing team. It is just amazing to me that this isn’t common sense- but I guess it isn’t. 

Week 3 Reflection

This week I spent the week hustling for school, work and many extracurriculars that I am apart of. It was a strenuous and hard week however, I tried applying Carnegie’s principles to my week. 

I spent a good amount of time this week applying one of Carnegie’s principles that I am very found of – giving honest and sincere appreciation. I was able to give honest appreciation towards myself and my clients and friends. 

I was able to speak at a conference this week and it allowed me the opportunity to be give appreciation to the Director of the UMW SBDC. I am great-full to be awarded opportunities that allow me to better my business and myself. 

I applied Carnegie this week a little bit more than usually to be able to get the full effect of his principles and I felt a change in my attitude an a change in my business. More appreciation has lead to more clients and more leads. 

It is important to be able to learn from Carnegie and apply his principles even in the toughest of weeks. What I am really trying to achieve is to apply Carnegie to my next few weeks and evaluate how it effects me then.