Hello World!

Hello World!

Again, my name is Denali Roberts and I am a senior at UMW. For this website I have used domain of ones own through UMW domains. I have chosen not to have a sub-domino however, I have two categories where my posts will be. The two categories are my principles of management class and DGST 101. Since, WordPress works primarily with posts I decided to not get a subdomain – if I find I need additional domains I will create additional categories.

I own multiple domains. I own two companies and their domains are here:
Jade Skin Care: www.jadeskincare.us
Pendleton Works: https://www.pendletonworks.com

I started a personal blog and its domain is here:
Denali Roberts: www.denalicroberts.com

I have multiple social media sites:
Facebook Public Page
Facebook Personal Account

My accounts represent me the same way across all platforms. I keep everything similar so everyone who searches me can see who I really am. I do not hide anything.