Weeks 7 & 8

Wow… I am kinda far behind in this class. That is super unfortunate and I hope I can make everything up! My time management skills have been a struggle the past few weeks.

We formed ourselves into a group per our instructions for this week. Our radio show is called “80s Television Power Half -Hour.” We are going to discuss different 80s tv shows and do an analysis on each one. Each person is going to be apart of the radio show and each will discuss a show from the 80s.

I was not able to complete any of the daily creates.

Our group created this logo:

Week 2 Summary

Well… I clearly should’ve read the syllabus more clearly going into this course. I started my homework for this class on Thursday. Yes, I know, I procrastinated. I promise I have a good reason. Anyways, didn’t start my homework till Thursday and didn’t publish it until, well, almost midnight on Friday. Thus, I didn’t do the daily creates. I know….

At least I learned two things: a.) read the gosh darn syllabus and b.) look at the weekly assignments on Sunday instead of Thursday. Which of course both of these lessons are in the syllabus – I didn’t read. Anyways, moving on.

The assignment banks were not exactly what I thought they were going to be but, it turned out that I really liked them! Typically, I don’t like homework so it was interesting for me to like something that I don’t necessarily want to do. The three assignments I did were: the gif of moneys fighting, a mash of Take Me or Leave Me from the musical Rent and I made a logo. I found the gif supppppper easy. I have made many of them before. The mash up was different I am proficient at iMovie so, that helped me a lot. I made the logo for the podcast I am launching this fall. The logo for me was relatively simple since I have made many logos before.

This is my mash up of Take Me or Leave Me!

Like many of us, I had already customized my blog because of previous UMW online classes. So I had this one in the bag. Though, I did go through and update my settings for comments. I hate that I needed to approve all of them… that is annoying and nobody has time for that.

Anddddddd… you guessed it I wasn’t able to comment and participate on my other classmates work because well, I didn’t read the syllabus. I am going to look at the third week assignments this Sunday so, I don’t miss anything!

I did though add a gif for how this week has been.


“What does the 80s mean to you”

The 80s is my childhood my mother made us listen to every single 70s and 80s, one-hit- wonders, soundtracks and singles from 8 hour car rides or something to listen to while we clean. We listened to it all. And in her mind “we are better for it!”

The 80s for me is a staple. It was a decade of thrill, education, life, music, dancing – it was everything! The 80s is the decade that most of our parents grow up in and they reflected it on us. It is so interesting to see how it all transpired into us. From those who know nothing about the 80s (which I have met) and those who were raised and know all the 80s songs and clothing.

I find it very interesting how the 80s can be closely correlated to how our generation acts and operates. Especially since we have the “look” and the music. It will be interesting to see how they compare our decades in the future. I think that they will find very similar attributes between the two decades. It will also be interesting how when our generation has kids that how they will compare the 80s to ours to theres.

I am very interested in seeing how the course plays out under the 80s theme. It will be really cool to see how they correlate together.

ds106 Introductions

Week 1

This week has been a hectic and chaotic and I am just happy I made it to Friday! Declaring a major, getting into courses, millions of email an a 40 hour work week. I am just happy that I have a nice mini break in front of me.

I have been dying to take Digital Storytelling since my freshman year in 2016. I am taking this course for my Communication and Digital Studies major. I am very interested in seeing where this class goes and how much I can learn from it! I am super interested to see how this course work with the Digital Studies portion of my degree and the other classes I am taking this semester. Luckily I had a lot of the tasks that Professor Bond wanted done because of other classes.

Instagram is my favorite platform! I am building a personal brand, especially since I will be launching my podcast, Red Lipstick Warrior, in October. I am a little nervous about using my Instagram for school – so I am going to be creative in how I go about using the platform for this class.

Twitter is a love/ hate platform for me. I always think I am going to use it but I never do. Maybe with this class I will! I don’t follow a lot of people or have followers on Twitter. That is probably why I don’t use it as much.

YouTube has been hit or miss for me. I used to be super afraid of having my face be on screen so I shied from doing videos. I have gotten over that fear and I am now able to talk in front of a camera.

Soundcloud for me was new and different. Though, it was super easy to navigate and upload a file into my account.

Finally, I think it is so cool (and my mother loves it) that our course theme is the 80s! I think that a great 80s movie recommendation is an all time favorite of mine – Dirty Dancing. When Baby and Johnny meet and dance together at a lake resort for the summer. It isn’t necessarily a powerful movie, however it is a staple to the 80s. This movie is so great!

Making the Web a Better Place

During our project we discussed e-cigarettes and wether or not they are safer that regular cigarettes. The group found that they are a little bit safer but however, could still be potentially dangerous.

I personally believe that inhaling any foreign substance into your body can not be good for you and thus can cause lasting health issues. Therefore, I don’t believe that e-cigarettes could be any better for you since you are putting harmful substances in your body.

End of Week Reflections


This weeks reflection on Module 1 is for Interactive Fiction. I honestly found this module kinda boring however, I decided to go with it because it was interesting the longer I worked on it. I do find it extremely fascinating how you can tell stories digitally and how viral or vivid they can be. I find it especially interesting since most stories are told through interactive fiction. That is how we learn about everything and how we learn new things.

I think one of my favorite versions of Interactive Fiction (which wasn’t covered in the module) but I still think applies is how people can tell stories on social media platforms. An example is how BTS (Korean Boy Band) fan creates interactive and fictional stories about the characters via Twitter. She uses different pictures, videos, GIFs, text messages and other forms of communication to create a story between the characters. I find this version of Interactive Fiction interesting. She has gained a huge following through her stories and sub stories and they are actually very believable.

The history of Interactive Fiction and how I can see it relating to my life is quite interesting. Though, when I went to write code on Twine I found that it very hard. I am not a “coder” and I might have picked the wrong module to start off with but I did find it interesting to learn about Interactive Fiction just not using Twine.


What I learned on cell phones this week is horrifying. It is terrible to know that so many electronic (cell) parts are being handled so poorly an are causing problems for the environment. I find it so interesting that we are confined to our phones and electronics however we do not understand what it does to the rest of the world. The fact that I have to play a game online to understand that we are enslaving people into mining is gut-wrenching. I am disgusted with myself on this topic. I would love to find a place to recycle my cell phone parts but when I asked around – nobody seemed legitimate.


I found this section very interesting, however, not surprising that selfies play such a large part of our culture and society. I also didn’t realize how much you could infer about a selfie just by looking at it. It makes me want to be more cautious of the photos I put up online. However, I do wonder why we care about selfies so much …